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BoatHitch...a Better Way to Tow Your Boat!

Top view of houseboat towing a ski boat with BoatHitch
Designed Specifically for Houseboating

After years of rigorous testing, Zwisler Bros. Inc. introduces BoatHitch for boaters who frequently tow a wakeboard, ski or fishing boat with their houseboat.  The BoatHitch tow bar plugs into a receiver that is mounted to the aft deck of the houseboat.  With the companion boat securely attached to BoatHitch, the houseboat can stop, turn and even back up while towing!  When moored, the light weight, compact tow bar is easily removed from the houseboat and stowed out of the way.

The BoatHitch Advantage
Video of houseboat towing a ski boat with BoatHitch
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  • Provides for quick & easy towing initiation.
  • Eliminates the need for others to operate your boat.
  • Allows abrupt stopping, turning and backing up.
  • Instills peace of mind when the water gets rough.
  • Permits easy access from boat to boat.
  • Frees entire crew to assist with mooring.
  • Preserves the ability to tow multiple watercraft.

Once you have used BoatHitch, you will never want to tow your boat behind the houseboat with a rope again! 

A typical BoatHitch installation includes a receiver tube that is welded to the underside of the houseboat swim deck--usually when the boat is hauled for routine maintenance.  BoatHitch can also be installed by any "handy" houseboat owner while the houseboat is on the water by using one of three bolt-on, adjustable receivers engineered to attached to the aft deck of almost any houseboat design.

This website introduces you to the houseboat installation, set-up and towing procedures so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to start enjoying the BoatHitch advantage.  Take a look at many of its advanced features by clicking here.

The BoatHitch Tow Bar With Bolt-On Under Mount Receiver


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